We are beginning to remember that, as always, it is the Feminine that possesses the empathy and guidance that the focused and systematic Masculine requires. That is what has made humans a successful species, and the suppression of it has pushed our world to the brink of destruction.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The Functional Feminine represents all those traits that give women their innate biological power, and which inspired historical worship of the feminine principle. Women can give birth to new life, the future of their species. Women hold the power to alter the path of evolution through their selection of mates and their influence over their mates and offspring.

The Functional Feminine holds the ability to see the Big Picture. While men focus, women multi-task, while men obsess over details and facts, women consider side effects and use intuition and empathy. The Functional Feminine knows how to nurture, protect and provide for the ‘nest’, whether that be home or the greater community. It is emotional, visceral humanity, offering comfort, pleasure and warmth. It is the sensible in every way – the taking in of holistic information through the senses, using common sense, intuition and sensitivity to emotional and physical needs to create solutions. When given free rein, the Functional Feminine is the guardian of the planet, in tune with the rhythms of Nature. It is powerful vulnerability and tender resilience.

The awe in which the female form and women in general are held is evidence of the sensual power of the Functional Feminine. Men are enthralled by women, which can be frightening for men who feel diminished by their unfulfilled desires. The saying “The egg knows more than the sperm” is a colloquial simplification of the fact that the human egg is very selective in allowing a single sperm to be engulfed by it and fuse to it.

Far from being the passive receptor of the first, strongest, fastest-swimming sperm, the outer layer of the egg, the zona pellucida, acts as an adaptability test of the sperm. Proteins in the membrane act as docking ports for the chosen sperm, but they are constantly changing their ‘entry codes’, so the sperm must keep up with them to ‘crack the code’ and gain entry. Sperm want to get the job over and done with as soon as they can, while the egg wants to slow the process down in the interests of quality![1]

The choosiness of the egg may be intuitively understood by men, perceived as a threat to the male urge to procreate as much as possible and partly responsible for the restrictions of women’s freedom and influence that have survived to the present day. Even if the actual process has not been understood until recently, the power of a woman to reject a man’s advances definitely was, hence the introduction of arranged marriages, women as chattel or bargaining chips in the male struggle for status.

When women use force rather than their inherent power, or when they are cowed into submission and denial of their own power, the Dysfunctional Feminine arises. It feeds, imitates and celebrates the Dysfunctional Masculine. It has helped to erode women’s liberties, drive men’s greed, support war and pervert the evolution of our species.

The Functional Masculine is the power that men have to work for the common good of the species as the complement to the Feminine. Every great thing created by men is created, fundamentally, for the attention of women, and the Functional Masculine feels no threat in adjusting to the desires of women.  When women are allowed to choose their mates (and when they use the Functional Feminine to do so), they choose kindness, generosity, humor, intelligence, altruism, curiosity and a host of non-destructive traits in their mates. These are all parts of the Functional Masculine, which also embodies controlled assertiveness, mental focus, adaptability, inventiveness and other survival traits selected by our distant foremothers and thereby inherited from our forefathers.

The Functional Masculine is not threatened by the Functional Feminine, but understands instinctively the complementary powers of each to advance civilization. When the Masculine resists adaptation to the needs of the Feminine and the species, it stresses physical force over intelligence, violence over channeled aggression, and creates the Dysfunctional Masculine.

The Dysfunctional Masculine has brought our species to the brink of destruction by disregarding the deep-rooted and essential connection of the Functional Feminine to the Earth and its preservation and to the Functional Masculine and its adaptability. The Dysfunctional Masculine has fought the Feminine at every turn, seeing only a threat to its fragile, distorted self-image of masculinity. When the Dysfunctional Masculine feels rejected or threatened by women, its reaction is likely to be overly aggressive as a display of its ‘strength’.

There is nothing strong in the Dysfunctional Masculine, except the desire to display superiority in any way possible, regardless of consequences. It is the non-adaptive, immature, bully face of a doomed breed, and we have been deep in its grip for thousands of years. Its diversion of evolution has finally come home to roost and our species must adapt now.

The Functional Feminine can turn the Dysfunctional Masculine around and we must create the partnership between the Functional Feminine and Masculine, or we will suffer the fate of every other species that the Dysfunctional Masculine, with support from the Dysfunctional Feminine, has caused to become extinct.

[1] Swanson and Vacquier, The Rapid Evolution of Reproductive Proteins, Nature Feb 2002, vol. 3; Natalie Angier, New Rules in Sperm and Egg’s Cat-and-Mouse Game, New York Times, Feb 27, 2001

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